This is header 1.

It is size 60. For page titles and headers only.

This is header 2.

It is size 30. Use this for section headings, it’ll grab their attention.

This is header 3.

It is size 22. Great for less prominent headings.

This is header 4.

This is identical to header 3 for reasons related to our website’s theme. Just don’t use it.

This is header 5.

It is size 30 and light, use this for longer blockquotes or taglines. A nice typographical change. Don’t overuse me!

This is header 6.

It is size 17 extra bold. When regular bolding just isn’t enough.

This is body text. It is size 17.

This is body text bolded.

Formatting Tips

  • IMPORTANT: When you copy/paste text into a wordpress blog or page, your first step should always be to clear the formatting. Your program may be including styling information into the text that you aren’t aware of, which will override the styling instructions built into this website. That is not good. Here is how you clear the formatting after pasting your text.
  • Do not center headings. Eyes skim left to right– centering text interrupts the way our eyes naturally read. Keep things left-aligned.
  • When formatting blocks of text with photos inserted, keep all photos to the right and all text to the left for the same reason as the previous point. Or better, make the photos very larger and create a full break between paragraphs.
  • Only change the color of the text if it is absolutely necessary to what you need to say.


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