Welcome to the biggest mixing table in the world.

A Guild membership is an annual membership for people who work or have worked professionally as Scenic Artists.  Joining the Guild connects you to a community of Scenics eager to connect, share, and develop. Those chats at the mixing table are about to get a whole lot better.

You pay the membership fee when you join, belong for 12 months, and renew if you’d like when your subscription is up. A Guild membership is meant to be as indispensable to your career as your favorite paint brush.

Membership with the Guild provides:

Connection to the professional community of Scenic Artists

Expanded network of Scenics, searchable via member directory and map

Feedback for the challenges you face via the Guild Forum

Access to educational resources by Scenics, for Scenics

Curated Scenic content delivered right to your inbox

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Members receive all benefits offered by the Guild of Scenic Artists.



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A full membership PLUS an extra monetary contribution that allows the Guild to offer scholarship memberships to Scenics who cannot afford it.


The Guild offers scholarships to Scenics who wish to be involved in the community but cannot afford the cost of membership. To apply for a scholarship membership, please fill out this short form.


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