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      For those of you who put scenery on trucks, what do you use to protect the finish? I’ve always used wax paper, but I’m getting push back on cost and worries about the wax melting in hot trucks. Thanks!

       Carole Payette
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        To me it really depends on the finish. If it is a gloss finish -like a floor in 4×8 panels we stack face to back. Make sure you have had 48 hours minimum dry time for good curing. For flats with texture or any crush-able surface we do a stand off frame so the flats don’t vibrate against each other. Flat painted surfaces are usually face to face, but again I always worry about the vibration – rubbing and abrading. Sometimes we use paint rags. Rarely do I go with wax paper but it does come up occasionally. Oh and there was this time we had a few rolls of plastic tablecloth that we put between glossy pilasters. It worked well, didn’t stick or rub. We bought it at smart and final. The plastic has a fine tooth to it.

         Ellen Jones
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          I worked for one shop in Chicago that split pool noodles in 1/2 and put them between the flats on the corners. It was all local or regional trucking .


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            We typically use the wax paper. Yes, the road department complains about it all the time.


            We now stock rolls of thin foam that we source from Uline. It seems to protect and preserve certain finishes better.


            Polycarbonate twin wall is also useful but pricey.

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