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    I work at a university with a low paint budget so we sometimes get donations of paint from the outside world.

    We received a 5 Gal bucket of Waterborne Acrylic Dryfall and after running some tests (and consulting the SDS) we’ve decided it has great potential. It has a fast drying time and dries to a rich black. We do not however own an airless sprayer -which is what it’s meant for.

    Has anyone used this type of paint without spraying? Is it safe to mix with other paints?

    Thank you!

     Tina Yager
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      Is this the product?

      I have not used this product but the term “dryfall” caught my attention. Not a bad thing, it just speaks to product durability. I wouldn’t use it alone on surfaces that are touched. The binder in this product is very weak.

      I’ve often mixed 1 part heavy binder product (porch and floor enamel/polycrylic/stays clear/etc) to 2 or 3 parts discount paint. Do more tests to see what works best for you.

      It’s possible that spray application is recommended because brush or roller application would void the ability to dryfall. You can’t sweep up big splotches of paint, just the dust.

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