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      Hey all!

      I’ve asked a few scenic friends on this subject and gotten some good advice, but I want to check here as well and get any ideas anyone has. The floor is going to be carved blue foam or homasote still tbd. The water is an ‘overflowing toilet’ and runs the entire ds/us length on of the floor over a foot wide. I have thought of using Jaxsan based on research (I’ve really only used Childers CP-9 or sculpt or coat) to coat the foam but it will still need to be painted and I would think the paint treatment will come off once water starts coming in to play unless sealed. Then talked about Rustoleum Restore 10x. I don’t think that could be put over the Jaxsan as that has flex and the Restore does not. I have not used Restore but hear it could be a very good product on it’s own for the water matter but here the foam would still need to be coated and painted… I’m sampling some things tomorrow and would be grateful for any input! Thank you in advance!!


      I haven’t used Restore. But I have used Jaxsan successfully to seal/prime a surface that was going to be underwater for the entire run of the show. I got the grey trowel grade Jaxsan and tinted it three different tones so it served as both a seal coat and a first layer of movement, then tinted marine-grade waterbourne urethane for the paint. Worked well.

      Good luck!

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        I used 10X on a MDF show floor that had constant rain through most of the show. It did not hold up. It allowed the water to seep through the coating and softened the MDF so that the 10X pealed off with a bit of MDF attached. So I would recommend trying Henry’s 289. I mostly use this for a cheaper Jaxsan but it is made for roof repair so it seems it would be best. Good luck

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