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     Lili Lennox
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      Hey everyone, I want to tell you about this fun mural event that’s happening this summer, the Walldogs Mural Festival in Streator, Illinois. I went a few years ago and made some great friends and contacts, and had an absolute blast.

      Here’s the setup:

      Every year, some 150 sign painters and muralists descend upon a little town (every year it changes, though is frequently in the midwest) and paint 15 murals in 5 days. All the painters are volunteers, and in return for the work the city rolls out the red carpet. All meals are provided by various city organizations, people in town offer extra bedrooms for home stays so the painters don’t have housing costs, and each evening there are city-wide activities celebrating the event: bands, parades, festivals, and frequent chances to drink beer around a fire pit with really fun painters.


      What’s super fun for a Scenic Artist is that this event is a great way for us to connect to painters in slightly different industries (muralists and sign painting), while getting to paint some really beautifully designed murals. At the event I attended a few years ago, there was a well-known sign painter that did some off-the-cuff lettering lessons and sold his own lettering brushes… This year one of my goals is to make some closer connections with sign writers so that the Guild will be able to offer some future lettering events for our members.

      Guild treasurer Scott Gerwitz and I will be attending this year’s event in Streator, IL. June 27-July 1.

      Is anyone else interested in attending? If you are, send me an email at, and then sign yourself up for the event here:


      This sounds absolutely amazing!

      If our season wasn’t going well into summer, I would love to go. Thank you for posting this though, so I can look up next summer’s event!



      Update: I looked at my schedule and realized I could make it, so I signed up!

      Is anyone else going?

       Lili Lennox
        • Experience: 15-20 years
        • Scenic Status: Full Time Freelance

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        There’s a small group of five attending right now. Would you mind sending me a quick email at so I can add you to my list? I’ll send out an email closer to the event to let you know when we’ll be meeting up.

        Excited to see you there!

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          This really sounds like a blast, but conflicts with two jobs I’m doing.

          I hope your experience will be the subject of a future Scenic Route post? 😉 😀

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