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    Hi folks;

    I’ve not seen this event announced or discussed on this forum. Yesterday i discovered that this exhibit is about to close here in New York City. But it’s about to move for a six-week exhibit in Parmus NJ, Los Angeles CA, Roseville CA, Seattle, and so on.

    The PR blurb says this: “With special expertise and care, the ceiling paintings from the Sistine Chapel have been reproduced using state-of-the-art technology. In order for the observer to fully engage and comprehend the artwork, the paintings have been reproduced in their original sizes. The overwhelming impression for the observer will be the dimensions of the art, the closeness to the picture, and the modern style of the exhibit. As a result, the visitor can explore the artwork up close at a distance impossible to achieve in the Sistine Chapel.”

    It is at the Oculus here in downtown nyc, but closing tomorrow afternoon at 6:00pm . I have purchased a pair of tickets for me and my wife, and i can’t wait to get down there tomorrow. Best wishes to you all, and hope you get the chance to see this work up close!

    All the best,

    Steve Shelley



    the web link that shows the tour dates:

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