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     Scott Gerwitz
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      I need to make a bunch of tree roots for a show. Some of them will be 20′ long.

      Between the TD and I we thought of using aluminum dryer hose as a structure. In progressively smaller diameters. Then I can squish and bend them. Then we cover them in burlap and texture on top.

      Anybody have thoughts on that? Sound like a good way? Anyone do something successful?

      And- what glue/mastic might I use to attach the burlap to the dryer hose?

      Not sure if jaxsan would be the right option. I will probably use jaxsan on top.

      Maybe some kind of acrylic tile mastic?


      Scott Gerwitz


      I’ve had luck with corrugated plastic discharge hose as far as being light and easy to cut.If you need to position it you can string bailing wire inside. If you want smaller tendrils too I’d suggest Erosion Cloth pulled into strings. It’s basically burlap on steroids 😀

      Your plan sounds good to me!


      I’ve had good luck with spray urethane. We had a guy come in and spray this for us. His normal business was spraying urethane insulation inside of potato cellars here in Idaho. He prided himself on spraying a smooth level coat, then I told him I wanted it lumpy and organic. We made seventeen trees in this way for Into the Woods


       Tina Yager
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        It sounds like a good idea to me. The aluminum could be a nice crushable substrate. I worked with a designer who loved to put crushed cork into paint (usually exterior latex) and then apply it as broad texture. It was easier than you would think to apply with a big chip brush. Might make a good knobby and light weight texture?

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         Carole Payette
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          I’m doing a ground cloth with a tree and roots right now. You have a bit of a different challenge but your approach sounds good. Just wanted to say if you want a cheaper product that is much like Jaxsan, try Henry’s 289.

           Mary Novodvorsky
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            We built a Banyan tree for a production of Jungle Book and we used pool noodles for the smaller roots. They were easy to slit, dart, and carve down for manipulating the shaping. We dipped muslin strips in tinted flex glue and did a wrap for the texture. The noodles come in two different diameters. It worked great and the pool noodles were donated so that was a bonus.

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              We used Great Stuff to make corral in the past. Not sure if it would expand to be large enough for tree roots but it had a really organic way about it

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