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      This week, I’m painting a pair of periactoi, and one of the sides is very paint-by-number. Usually, I then spray the finished product with a dark, light, and medium of the colors I used, to send everything into the same world. However, since the periactoi were built for a previous show, I can’t lay them down to do that.

      My first thought is to do washes or glazes to tone it all down. Does anyone have any better options?

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      Hey Kat,

      What kind of paints are you using?

      Are they covered in muslin?

      Are you painting with bright colors?

      Do you have a floretta?

      Text me if you get a chance.



        Using house paints, Valspar. They are not covered with muslin, I do not have a floreta, and it’s swampy greens, with a couple brighter teals for the sky bits.

        Shall do.

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        How tall are they? Assuming you can reach everything and place a certain amount of pressure on them, you can rub a clear-ish glaze over them by using damp sponges (ring them out with a rag before applying to surface so they don’t drip). Apply the the colored glaze with a smaller sponge in corners and edges and use the damp water sponges to thin the glaze as desired. Make damned sure to test an area. Glazes tend to dry a lot more opaque than you think. You would also have to work across the surface steadily, not letting anything dry to quickly or stay too wet and sags. Humidity and airflow will impact heavily. (sorry if this is too detailed.) It will not be the completely even coating, but with the right application, it can be pretty close.

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