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     Tina Yager
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    How do we post images on this forum? Do the images need to be uploaded to a place like Photobucket?

     Lili Lennox
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    There’s an “Attachments” tab directly below your post message box (it’s next to the blue tab labled “Options”). It’s also possible to drag and drop photos into the message box as well!


    If the image is hosted on a third party website, you can use the “Img” button above your text box.

    You’ll see this (without quotes or spaces: “[ img ][ /img ]”.

    Then, you paste the image’s link text in the middle like this (without quotes or spaces): “[ img ][ /img ]”

    *Note: Some websites (e.g. Photobucket) block third party image hosting, or require specific account settings on THEIR website to allow said hosting. Please check the third party website’s hosting policies prior to using their link.

    Testing image posting. [img]

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