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      For those that have been there- extremely good paying gig (Tour touch up) comes up at the last minute through word of mouth referrals and they need two scenics next week- the same week you and all your Scenic friends are all booked.

      You move things around trying to fit them in, line up a friend to help, knowing you shouldn’t take the gig, but money is nice to have, and then you don’t hear from the people at all after several emails to confirm the details.

      What is the proper amount of time you give them before you walk away knowing the odds of them finding someone is even harder now?

      That being said if any of you are Twin City based and Free next week give me a shout-ASAP.

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      I believe in the “2 call rule”: I will call someone twice or return a call twice and, if I don’t hear from back them, I move on. I also use this rule of thumb with e-mail. Chances are, if they can’t bother to return contact, they may not pay you, you may have a tough time getting paid or they found someone else.

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