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      Hello Everyone,

      So I have a problem I never thought I would have. The sudden cancellation of the last show of the season means that my budget is now free to buy something else that I might want and I don’t have any idea of what I could get with this extra cash. My budget will renew soon and if I don’t spend it next year could get reevaluated smaller. I will restock the paint cabinet and grab some new brushes for sure. But I was wondering if you had some ideas to throw my way.

      Do you have any suggestions? An expensive item you have been looking forward to or wishing for but just can’t afford? Or something you bought and it changed your life?

      I will say I need recommendations not only for equipment but also for consumable materials. One of the categories we cannot shift to buy equipment with and we will need to purchase consumable items with, so I really need some recommendations that aren’t just your favorite toys but also products. Something interesting products that you think I should try?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

       Lili Lennox
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        I just bought myself one of those 3m Accuspray guns with the interchangeable cup system. If you do a bunch of spraying it’s really nice to have cups filled with paint and ready to go, and switch between them with a little click. You’ll need the largest tip size (2.0mm). If you have other existing HVLP guns, amazon carries a little metal adapter that will allow your existing HVLP to use the interchangeable cups.

        Also, if you want to spend some money on some theatrical tools that I have yet to see sold in the US, spend some money here and let us all know if these tools are as amazing as I think they’d be. The website is in German (google translate!). They’ll be happy to send you a catalog, as well. Interchangeable brush heads? Interchangeable handles of many lengths and materials? Right angle squares on sticks? Weird leather flappy graining tools? YES YES YES!

        Product-wise, if you haven’t tried Nova Color Acrylics I’d send off for a few pots to try them out. I’m primarily a muralist so my needs are most likely different than yours. However, I can attest to their quality of colors and their line of metallics are really nice. Their price point is quite affordable and you can get them in quantities up to 5gals.


         Rachael Claxton
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          Yes yes yes to the interchangeable cup system that Lili mentioned! We have a similar version at my shop and I love them. We recently bought a number of Sata spray guns that I’m in love with. They sell all sorts, but after trying a ton, we felt like the SATAjet 100 BF RP guns gave you the most bang for your buck. We also got one of their SATAgraph 4 airbrushes and really like it. Sata also makes an interchangeable cup system that is absolutely worth the money.

          If you’re looking for some specialty brushes, I recommend any of the lettering brushes from A.S. Handover. I’ve been using the same set of sable writing brushes for almost 10 years and they’re still in amazing shape. They’ve also started to make scenic painting brushes as well, which I’m sure would be great!

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