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      Hi all-


      By now I hope you’ve heard that the Guild is becoming sustainable by transitioning to a paid membership model. If this is news to you, please check out this webpage and blog post that explain the hows and whys of the change:

      One thing that isn’t here to stay is the software we use for our Forum. On June 10th the Guild Forum along with the current website will go down until June 17th so that it can be updated entirely with more user-friendly software. Don’t worry- your posts associated with your username will be transferred to the new system.

      The new system is fully integrated, which means you just sign in once. You can comment on the Scenic Route, ask questions on the Guild Forum, participate in Chat Groups (more later) and adjust your personal account all from one dashboard. It will also be formatted for mobile so no extra apps are necessary to view it. The whole thing is pretty sharp and easy to use.

      I am particularly looking forward to seeing how people use Chat Groups and the Member Directory, two of our brand new features. You’ll really be able to find your place in the Scenic community when you fill our your new personal profile, view other members on a map, and browse through our searchable directory. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the interactive map, I love a good map!

      Now let me explain the Chat Groups. This is a new offering where people can have more focused conversations on specific topics, different than the Forum (which is a more question/answer format). For example, I could start a discussion group for freelance Scenics with young kids. Any member is allowed to join or create any discussion group that interests them.

      There are a lot of details to get just right, so it will take a week to switch everything over. So, look for an announcement on June 17th when we debut all that we’ve been working on.

      Can’t wait to see everyone on the new site! Feel free to reach out to me or another board member if you have any questions.


      Board contacts:

      Lili Payne

      Rachael Claxton

      Scott Gerwitz

      Angelique Powers

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