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    Hi everyone,

    I’m quite new to the scenic art world, I did a course recently and have done some freelance work however at the moment i’m trying to design a set for a client. They have a whole marquee interior that has been clad with ply sheets that we need to convert into a ‘medieval dining hall’. The ply will be reused so I can’t texture directly on to the walls but I was hoping to perhaps achieve a finish similar to the Tudor period effect plaster on to a roll of material, canvas for example. Does anyone have recommendations of what the most lightweight material I could use and what I would need to use to create the plaster effect. I would like to be able to roll it up and reuse it again as well so it would need to be slightly flexible. I can add the wooden beams on top so it would just need to be the off-white coloured ‘wattle and daub’ texture. I’m in the UK which I suppose makes a difference to which products to buy.


    Tudor texture

    marquee interior

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    Would something like an elastomeric paint work? They’re super flexible coatings… I am not familiar with how lightweight they are, unfortunately.

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