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     Scott Gerwitz
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      I need to make some temporary masking. I need to apply some stencils to an EIFS (StoCoat or Dryvit) wall that I will spray around for a spray paint effect.

      The surface is a stucco type aggregate surface.

      I recently saw a spray ceiling insulation company masking the walls by spraying an adhesive and then sticking plastic onto it. The clean up was just to pull the plastic down. Incredibly fast and efficient.

      Has anyone done this type of masking? I wonder if Spray 77 will leave a residue.

      My masking will be heavyweight plotter paper covered with packing tape.




       Rachael Claxton
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        Hey Scott,
        I’d think Spray 77 would probably leave a residue that would get gross over time. I’ve been looking into some of the 3m spray booth protection products recently, and they have an adhesive-backed masking paper that might work for what you want.

        Sort of the same technique you were describing, but just cutting out the process of spraying an adhesive down first.  They also have a liquid coating that you spray on and then wash off with water once you’re done, but it’s only good for solvent-based paints, which I’d assume you’re not using?

        Hope that helps!

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