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    Anybody have any luck mimicking a sunbleached plastic?

    We have a very new playset that has a plastic green slide and some climbing rocks. there is also a roof that is a tart material. The designer wants it all to look sunbleached. I have sanded off the finish which gives it some age but not really sunbleached. color still vibrant its just a little less and slightly chalky. My next idea is to try scrubbing it out with a bit of comet bleach cleanser and seeing if that helps at all, but first I thought I would reach out and see if anyone else has some ideas. Thanks!



      I’d be a little surprised if you could bleach the color out of the plastic without a Summer’s worth of sun…

      My brain goes to finding something “milky” looking like a latex film or tinting wood glue or Elmer’s glue a bit….that would dry harder perhaps? Seems like you could manipulate the edge a bit too so that it has that weird soft edge color shift that sunbleached plastic gets…

      Plastic is always a pain but I’ve found adhesive’s come in handy when treating them.

      Curious to know what you come up with!


      I read somewhere about whitening yellowed plastic with a combination of hydrogen peroxide, oxi clean and a few hours of direct sunlight. Maybe something like that might work on colored plastic too?


      Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately i am worried that the plastic parts of the playset, such as the slide and the faux climbing rocks are likely interacted with by the actors and im worried the glue would likely wear away. And as far as direct sunlight, the playset is assembled in the theatre because they waited until 2 weeks before opening to submit a final design. Anywho im not sure what im going to do yet but if i come up with something ill follow up with a picture and process.





      I would suggest applying washes of white interior house paint (economic brand). In the theater were I work we always have some interior house paint around for different textures.

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