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    Hey Folks – hoping y’all can help me out with this little situation. I’ve been having a really hard time preventing paint from sliding right off the surface of the floor of our Black Box theatre. Our flooring is actually a hardwood sprung oak dance floor that has been painted many times in it’s 40 year existance. In February, we had a show in which the floor was sealed very well – I imagine it was the first time it was properly sealed in many years. It was then sealed again for a show in March. Now, I find whenever I base it out in black paint, the paint peels off super easily (especially when the lift is driven across the floor).

    I’ve figured I have two options right now:

    1. Seal the hell out of it with some Polycrylic

    2. Invest in some Rosco Tough Prime

    Does either one of those sound like the better option? Are there other options out there? Our Black Box has performances in it through Spring so I don’t really have time to sand the floor down.



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      Hello, the place I work at has a stubborn floor as well. I have found using Benjamin Moore Stay Clear works pretty well. I tend to water it down to a 1:1 ratio. And do a few coats of it on the floor. And it helps prevent it from peeling as much. Especially with lots of movement or furniture shows. Also another benefit is you can use a fan on it in between coats. It is more expensive than polycrylic, but you get a lot more out of it.

      It might also be worth it if it is really bad to do both the tough prime and the poly. If it is in the budget.

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       Nicole Deibert
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        So what has happened, is that the previous sealant placed on the floor prior to the tough prime was a strong sealant. The tough prime is sitting on top of that sealant but not bonding to it. Best thing to do at this point is to use a strong primer, like Aqualock. Talk to your local paint store, like a Benjamin Moore or equivalent. The tough prime is no longer suitable for primer it doesn’t have those extra bonding qualities. It just gives you a nice sheen for your floor. Going forward you may want to have your painters scuff sand the sealants prior to painting tough prime and that should create better adhesion.

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         Mary Novodvorsky
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          Usually once you have adhesion problems, painting further layers just makes it easier to peel up because it’s a thicker layer that’s not going to stick through the first failed layer. You might try a product called Peel Stop (Home Depot carries it). It’s meant to paint over peeling paint and help it to adhere. Not sure what the paint chemistry going on there is though. It worked on a small basement wall I had that was deteriorating. Not sure how it would preform on a floor though. Was the layer it is failing over glossy?

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            Some proper floor sealers have a recoat time. Bona Traffic for example has a 48 hour period that it can be coated again. After that, get out the sander.

            Hope you got this figured out because I feel your pain..I have about 20 layers of paint peeling off the trim in my house

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