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    We have two fantastic projects to work on this summer at The Glimmerglass Festival! One is a full stage string curtain ( and the other is a full stage tab curtain made of Liquid Metal fabric ( Both curtains have very detailed paint treatments, a collage of images that include architecture, foliage, and portraits, and both will be painted down. I have never worked on either of these materials before and would love to gather as much information as possible as we move into sampling.

    For the string curtain, I reached out to Diane Fargo at BU because I heard she had worked on a similar project. She suggested using carpet tape to help keep the strings in place across the middle of the drop and to do as much masking and spraying as possible because running a brush across the strings horizontally causes problems. Has anyone else worked on painting a string curtain and have other tips or suggestions?

    For the Liquid Metal curtain, we have done a few small test and found that using powdered charcoal and pounces may be our best option for layout. We are also playing with Jacquard Textile paint to keep the fabric nice and soft when it is gathered. Anyone used this type of fabric paint before? Has anyone painted on this type of metallic fabric before?

    I would really appreciate any help and advice you can offer! And I hope to do a short write-up about our experiences once we are finished!

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