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     Angelique Powers
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    Hey Gang! I’m looking to write a series of articles for our Scenic Route about preferred sealers and I’m starting with I’m looking for those of you who have worked with Street Shoe and Zep. I’m looking for honest reviews of:

    How to apply- easy or hard?

    Scuff protection?

    Can you paint over it for the next show?


    Smelly and or other concerns?

    I’m also looking for a photo or two of it in action etc.

    You can reply here to the forum, or email me at

    I will be doing other product reviews later.

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     Angelique Powers
    • Experience: 20+ years
    • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

    I am an idiot, and didn’t catch that I had accidently listed my email as a .com instead of .org

    If you tried to email me a review and it was sent back, my apologies.

    Please use or my personal one at – it all goes to the same phone

    (I’m much better with 14th century technology like paint, that I am this 20th century stuff like computers)

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