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    I am always trying new ways to keep myself organized and to layout to-do lists as well as planing my work week. When I am doing a show it always is a little dependant on the actual production on if my To-Do list is very straight forward or something a little more cleaver.

    One of the things I like to do, especially on a box set or something where a multi-step paint job is on multiple flats is make a grid on my whiteboard. So I can see flats A-J on the left and across the top is Prime, base, Step 1, Step 2, HSS, Seal. and I fill in the grid as it moved along. I like this with a larger crew as well because I can see how we are doing and get a reminder that I need to do that step to all the flats. Sometimes if I can’t fit them all on the floor it can be easy to forget.

    I was wondering If any of you had some favorite methods you wanted to share?

     Alyiece Moretto-Watkins
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    Hello there, I usually love using a white board for planning but I’ve recently transitioned to essentially a “digital” white board. Using this format with other faculty members and my students, I have been able to keep all of us on the same page with a “living” document in our schools Google Drive. It has allowed me to 1) organize the paint and techniques needed for each layer of the process per set piece/unit and 2) see “edit history” as we move through a project so I can track progress and timeline.


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