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    Need some advise on an inexpensive way to make stained glass. Does anyone have a way to paint on a shower curtain? Preferably attached to a hard surface painted white and not backlit.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!

     Angelique Powers
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      I’ve painted on that shower curtain style of vinyl before with different levels of small budgets so this is my list, I’d suggest picking one or two combos to sample and then go to town.

      For the color part-

      – food color/dye

      – Rosco Supersats or Off Broadway

      – Rit liquid dye

      – tints (mixol, cal tint)

      Then thin colors as needed into a clear medium/binder

      – favorite brand of water based clear sealer

      – Crystal Gel

      – future floor wax

      For the leading- fast and easy styles

      – Black gaff/ spike tape to desired width

      – Black paint

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        As far as cheap goes:

        Mix water based poly with fabric dye or food coloring

        Krylon also sells a stained glass spray paint for just under $5 a can

        But since it’s not lit from behind you might be able to create a poly-glaze with any color

        In the past I’ve mixed Elmer’s Glue with Dye. I laid out an even surface of glue and dropped similar color dyes around the specific areas and used a toothpick to swirl it all together to keep a color variant. It takes a long time to dry and can cause air bubbles so you have to go back to it every so often to pop them. It’s easier for smaller areas. I mixed Elmer’s glue and flat black Acrylic for the leading and applied it by filling a plastic condiment bottle and following a pattern I drew out beneath.



        I recently used food dye and Rosco Crystal Gel. You could also use Sculpt or Coat but I’m not sure how well it would stick to the shower curtain. For the leading we used black silicone.

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          In addition to all the suggestions above, I have used Mortite caulking painted with black and some silver power for the leading. <a href="; class=”bbcode_url”>

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