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     Angelique Powers
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      I have a show coming up requesting a ton of Spanish moss to be draped all over the set.

      My audience will never be closer than 10’ so I’ve got lots of wiggle room in terms of “real ness”

      My first idea is to buy a bunch of cheese cloth and dip it into thin grey paint – squeegee it out- let dry and then shred it before applying.

      But y’all might have better options.

      Also I can schedule a “volunteer” Saturday to have a small crew come in and help with this task – yay me.

      This is a reference photo of what we are looking for. [IMG][/IMG]

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      You can buy Spanish Moss from Floral supply shops, or even Amazon: Spray it with NF flameproofing and poof.

       Nicole Deibert
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        We had a show that had a lot of moss for dressing, I can’t remember what kind of moss it was, but we had a crew member getting an allergic reaction to one of the mosses. I think she ended up with a rash and she had laboured breathing.

        It could have been the way the product was preserved, but just be mindful that this may be a possibility as you’re working with that stuff.


        Is buying this moss out of your budget? We did a show recently and we got it by the cubic foot from a floral supply place. We used it in two ways. One was dipping it in flexbond and squeezing out the excess then draping it and letting it dry. Worked a treat.”Sealed” it and made it stick to the surface I wanted it to stick to. Then the other was just as is dressed between things and draped. I couldn’t recover the glue covered moss but I was able recover all the rest for future use. Or you could sell it off after too I suppose.

        As for the allergic reaction that Nixpaints mentioned that person was me. My reaction wasn’t to the Spanish Moss it was to a moss bought in a craft store for a sample. I found out later it was an oak moss which is quite common in causing reactions in people. Needless to say we didn’t use it. Most of my research afterwords also didn’t show Spanish Moss to have the same issue. I would suggest when working with it to avoid inhaling any dust though. As with anything, moss or not, fine particulate is never good for the lungs.

        If you don’t want to use real moss I would look into paper confetti streamers. We bought in bulk for a show I did years ago. It was the kind that can kind go in confetti cannons. We needed red but I bet you could get it in a white or beige colour. Unfurl and jumble it up and I bet it would be quite convincing. Quick search pulled this place up as an example of what I’m talking about. It was years ago so I don’t have a supplier to recommend.

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