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      Hi All,

      We are doing a production of “Singing in the Rain”. Most of the downpour of water is contained to a rain deck. I was under the impression that all of the tap dancing occurs on this rain deck. It was treated with a gritty texture. All of that is working so far. The problem is that a bunch of the tap dancing now occurs on the main deck. Water drips off the actor’s rain jacket, umbrella, and any splashing from the rain deck. This is making the floor too slick for the dancer.

      Does anyone have a suggestion of a product that will help with the traction?

      I cannot put any texture on the main deck and it still needs to be slick enough that an actor can slide across it on their knees.



      You might try adding a bit of sprite to the mop water before the run. It adds tack to the floor, but it might be detrimental to the knee slides.

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        Call Stage Step company and see if any of their Slip no more products might help. But I’m afraid If You put anything on the deck like sprite, or Slip-no-more and the deck is getting wet, you could have a bigger mess and bigger hazard on your hands.

        This is not just your problem to solve. I don’t think there is anything costumes can do about the taps. There probably needs to be a discussion between production management/ artistic director , director and choreographer about adjusting choreography in certain spots.

        We all want to do our best to solve challenges,but because you have hard and fast constraints, there is only so much you can do. The actor’s safety is more important than anything else and the solution needs to be a group collaboration



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