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    Hi All!

    Here at PCPA we do shows in our outdoor theater in Solvang.  At 9pm the dew settles in and  sometimes we have a slick floor issue.  For the past several years we have been able to deal with the slipperiness by a team effort between myself, costumes, stage crew (cleanliness of space) and choreography.  Occasionally, for tap shows, we put some no slip powder in the sealer and seal the floor with that.

    This year I have had a real problem finding my favorite Deftthane satin polyurethane.  I used some BEHR satin poly and that stuff was extra slick surface.  Out of desperation, three weeks ago after our first tech/dress, I mopped JASCO TSP replacer on the deck and let it dry.  Since that ONE application, we have had no problems!

    Here are the particulars:

    Stage floor: MDF Painted and sealed with BEHR satin Polyurethane.  Floor was slick even before dewpoint

    TSP application:   non scientifically, I blithely decided to put 24 ounces of JASCO TSP replacer into each gallon of mop water and mopped it on and let it dry.  Don’t get me wrong- I was terrified it could have been TOO sticky or still too slippery…. I called  the company to get technical advice, to see if it was something that sticks to the surface or if it etched the surface.  The company help line WAS NO HELP .  I called my favorite paint store rep and he said that TSP replacer lightly etches the surface.  I believe him

    Daily Maintenance:  Stage Crew sweeps and mops backstage with dedicated brooms and mops for backstage to keep offstage FILTH off of the deck.  Deck is swept and mopped with dedicated brooms and mops for on deck.  They have been mopping with  just clear clean water and the floor has remained the same level of non slip for 3 weeks.

    I am so happy for myself and for scenic artists and actors everywhere!!!!


    Abby Hogan


     Mary Novodvorsky
    • Experience: 20+ years
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    Did the TSP change the sheen at all?

    Mary N

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