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      I am a scenic art student from England and was just wondering how many Scenic’s keep a sketchbook of their processes or if you don’t then how you go about documenting your work? I know this is quite a personal thing but I’m just intrigued to know if what I’m being asked to do at uni translates out into the big wide world of the industry?

      Any pictures you could include would also be very helpful!

      Many thanks!!

       Tessa Broyles
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        There’s not many things I’ve had to sketch out myself for my work, unless it was while doing some set designs at school. Usually to document painting projects I take a lot of process photos on my phone.

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          I mainly take photos and make sure to make a small swatch of each color I use, along with any notes to make it easy to touch up or replicate later. Here is a photo of a sheet I created to keep track when I do freelance projects so I can give one to the client when I’m done. Let me know if anyone would like the actual file. [attachment=0]0617181409-1.jpg[/attachment]

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            I record my scenic treatments on my computer with the color names, processes, and diluting info.

            I include photos of the work along with each treatment.

            Perhaps the most important part of my records with each project is a “what I learned” section.

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