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    I am currently painting a show called Xanadu and looking for tough sealers that can withstand roller skates (with breaks scraping against the floor). My production manager suggested street shoe but its about $100.00 a gallon which is a bit out of the budget, I am looking for cheaper solutions. Has anyone dealt with skates on floors before?

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      Maybe Break Through? PPG distributes it.


      While Street Shoe is definitely the better product, we have been using Loba Easy Finish which will save you about $30 per gallon compared to Street Shoe. Loba doesn’t have a catalyst that you mix into it. Once Street Shoe is mixed, there is a limited pot-life and it will start hardening regardless if it is in a sealed container. This can add to the expense of Street Shoe if you aren’t completely accurate with how much you catalyze at a time.

      Loba does have a tendency to be slightly slick when cured, but it is very durable. I don’t know about roller skating on it, though.

       Mary Novodvorsky
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        We did a show last year that involved Hockey players on roller blades (it was also a musical- yes, only in Minnesota). I tried Brighton Diamond floor finish. It’s very cheap, about 20.00 a gallon at Staples, and covers an incredible amount of flooring- something like 1000 sq feet. It didn’t totally withstand the hockey treatment, but it was cheap and easy to refinish the floor during the run. The skaters also REALLY liked how the floor felt for skating. No slipping issues. Only comes in gloss however, which didn’t bother us since we were painting an “ice” look. You might also try Bona Mega floor finish. That finish held up really nice, but it was hard to tell since the set for that particular show had a routed plywood deck that couldn’t withstand the pressure of the castered units. We were continuously doing triage for splintered wood. It comes matte through gloss, about 63.00 a gallon, and you have to get it through a professional floor finisher. I’ve used Breakthrough on floors with roller blading and bicycles etc., and it will also scuff. We don’t use it anymore because a carpenter in the shop reacts to it badly.


        Oh blesssssssss.

        Sounds like another scenario with wanting 10 gallons of chalkboard paint….

        Good luck lady!


        Thanks for all the replies, I will do some testing and see. 😉

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