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     Kristen Boyer
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      Hi all!

      Anyone here a sign painter? I was approached about restoring/repainting a sign for a business on their glass window. I was planning on recommending they get someone to do vinyl instead of me painting, just wanted to check here and see if anyone has experience and what kind of enamel/paint is generally used for letting on glass. The lettering would be painted on the inside of the window.



       Lili Lennox
        • Experience: 15-20 years
        • Scenic Status: Full Time Freelance

        Partner Member

        Not a sign painter, but I frequently work with them. I think they use the traditional One Shot lettering enamels for glass work. The other frequently mentioned paint is Ronan Aquacote, which is a water-based alternative.

        To reach out to some sign painters directly for more real-deal info, find a Facebook community called “Walldogs” (it has a bulldog logo) and post there, or look up Peter McKearnan Signworks on FB and send him a message (you can say I pointed you in his direction).

         Kristen Boyer
          • Experience: 10-15 years
          • Scenic Status: Part Time Freelance

          Thanks Lili, you’re the best!

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