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     Scott Gerwitz
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      The theatre I am working for is getting a new scene shop. I was just asked what type of lighting should we install.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

       Ellen Jones
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        Hi Scott,

        If you also have a background in lighting you may know all of this, so sorry if it is all old hat.

        Start by asking yourself what  you hate and love about the current work lighting in terms of functionality.While your work is presented under the stage lighting, you need all of the parameters of task lighting as well. Relationship of lighting fixtures to work surfaces – this may be your chance to get what you need for visibility and individualized control including dimmability – and accurate color rendering as it will be seen by the audience should govern a lot of your choices

        1) Match the color temperature of the stage lights – yes the stage lights will change color, but if the base color temp isn’t the same you are at a huge disadvantage  i your ability to render color accurately is MHO.

        You need to ask if all the  stage lights will change over now, or in the near future. If you have already painted  for LED lighting you know some of the potential issues. If not, do another post on the Forum and I bet there will be lots of responses.

        FYI, There are lots of options for dimmable LED white lamps in various color temperature ranges, some of which can be direct replacement for certain styles of task lighting fixtures. Cree and Earth LED are the brands I look at first in those task lighting situations- room for the heat sink is important.

        If there is a sustainability officer or someone dealing with task lighting versus stage lighting, have a conversation with her/him to see if there is already a manufacturer or supplier selected so you are not starting with a search engine  and a dream.

        I always  talk with that person in terms of what I need the fixtures and lamps to do in terms of accuracy of color, directionality, etc and then ask her/him to make suggestions and show me samples. Final caveat – see it in action do not trust CRI ratings.

        Hope this helps.




         Angelique Powers
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          One of my shops just had its fluorescent tube lighting retrofitted with LED Tubes, by the building managers without consulting with the theatre, and now the color temperature of the lights is way off from anything close to the warmer colors we are used to seeing on stage.

          My TD, already expecting my  “color mixing concerns”  did some research and Rosco makes gel filters for color correcting LED and other tube lighting.     They can make them in any color you want and can sell them as either just the gel or with an additional plastic tube covering.

          Here is the info he received::

          Rosco Sleeves


          Rigid clear tubes with any Rosco gel slid inside.


          Quick Color Sleeves


          Non-rigid sleeves made with gel only using any Rosco color desired.

          Note/reminder on both RoscoSleeves and Quick Color Sleeves: T8 versions of both with ship automatically with UV filter inside. If you can, doublecheck that the LED tubes don’t produce UV. If they don’t produce UV, order the sleeves without the UV filter and save some money   (T8 is s style of LED cover)



          Non-rigid sleeves made with gel only (a little more robust construction that Quick Color Sleeves) – only available in GAM colors.

          Gamtube does not come with UV filter – GAM Supertube does. You don’t need UV filter if the LED tube doesn’t produce UV.


          Blue backstage lights: R80 Primary blue (9% transmission) would probably work fine. GAM 850 Blue (5% transmission) if you’re going with GAM/Super Tube.

          Color Correction Suggestions:  (this was for 4k color Light)

          R3408 ½ CTO (GAM 1549 ½ CTO)  – to warm up the cool LED color to be closer to the warmer incandescent stage light color we want.

          R02 Bastard Amber (G325 Bastard Amber)  – This is if your LED have a sneaky green tint to them that you might not notice.


          It was also suggested to see if your lighting dept has any of the colors in stock that you can sample with first before you spend money.  Just taping sheets of gel to your lights could also work to help save money.  And all of this could be ordered for you through your local Rosco Supplier.

          I hope this helps







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