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     John Nicol
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      Howdy everyone! First time poster, here!

      So, I work at a theatre in the US that has pretty long runs, and we like to paint our stage floor once at the beginning of our season and then hopefully keep that same treatment through the whole thing. Our season runs for around 8-9 months, and since we do 5-6 shows every week, these floors see a lot of traffic.

      This past year we had an issue with our sealer, where people’s shoes would slip, slide, and glide all over it (really hard and dangerous for a show with a fair amount of dancing). So we’re looking to either find a new sealer that works better for shoes, or get some tips/tricks as to why this might be happening, and how to prevent it from happening again! Thanks in advance to anyone who’s able to help out! 🙂

       Julie McCracken
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        We most often use a 50/50 mix of polycrylic/H2O which we spray on pretty heavy, but im always looking for good alternativesas well. Stage step makes a solution, ‘Slip Nomor’, that can be mopped onto the deck. Follow the instructions all the way though or it can become too sticky. https://stagestep.com/product/slip-nomor-2000c/



        probably more info than your looking for, But (dust) acts just as graphite.

        Solution may be adding a gripping substance or layer to bottom of footwear.

         Em Miller
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          We often use a 1:1 of Minwax Polyurethane and H20 in a Hudson sprayer and do around two passes it takes a little longer to dry but it holds up pretty well.

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