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    Hello all! I am about to go out and work as a charge artist professionally for the first time. I have been the charge artist for my university for a long time as well as worked a few summer stocks. There are things that I know how to do, theoretically know how to do, and things I have no idea how to approach. Would anyone know of a book that I could refer to if I need to reference something I may not know or need a refresher on? Thanks!

     Ellen Jones
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      I think Pektal’s Designing and Painting for the Theatre and Monona Rossol’s The Artist’s Complete Health and Safety Guide are great reference books. Scenic ARt for the Theatre by Susan Crabtree and Peter Beudert is also good to have.

      If you are moving from academic to professional or commercial setting, you may find it helpful to go online a find a free project management class or even articles, that you get thinking about structuring work with paid labor.

      Everyone spends time figuring out the best way to do things

      One of your most valuable resources is this Forum. The collective brings together knowledge from a mind boggling range of experiences and places with an equally diverse range of products and surfaces. And the wonderful thing is, that everyone is willing to share.

      I hope your new job is a blast!


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        Does anyone know of a book or pamphlet that was circulating a few years back that may have called “How things sticks” or “What sticks” Maybe started at a USITT forum for scenics?

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          Was this the sticking article?

          As far as books, the ones mentioned above are standards, but I’d also add Sean O’Skea’s “Painting for Performance” to the list. His book is full of great info, clear process shots,  and “quick and dirty” tips and tricks.

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