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      Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. Was just wondering if anyone had any resources or companies they like for non-traditional body sized safety harnesses. I haven’t come across the need for one until the first film project I just got off of. I had a bit of a struggle finding something to wear while working on the scissor lifts and am starting to look into options to invest in my very own so I don’t waste time looking for one that fits me at the next job site. Thank you in advance!


      Safety is a very important subject. At the University I work at, staff  have our own custom fitted harness and could be reprimanded if we let anyone use our safety gear. The school paid for my harness and the sales rep fitted it to my very non traditional body shape. It is a Miller harness with a six foot slow release lanyard. When working high all day, the harness goes on in the morning and does not bother me when sitting or walking. The lanyard is short enough it does not tangle up when it is disconnected from scaffold or a lift. We get refresher training and protocol updates every year.

      Our student workers get a similar harness assigned to them, fitted and inspected every semester. They store them in their lockers and health and safety come through unannounced every so often to inspect things.

      I highly recommend everyone have their own safety gear. You know how your gear is stored, stressed and maintained so you feel and are more secure using it. It can be a large investment up front, and needs replacing every so often but it really is a small thing which makes you a better craftsman.



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