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     Brianna Bass
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      I know we are all navigating this together, but my shop is scrapping the bottom of our Rosco Flat and Gloss Glaze buckets and are struggling to find sources that aren’t out of stock or back ordered. And we use A LOT of it. Like, we go through 5 gallon buckets of it regularly. So lets brainstorm what we can use until Rosco can catch up. Does anyone have any experience with General Finishes,  or has anyone tried the brands that Home Depot or Lowes carries? What brands have you tried and how did you feel about them?

       Lili Lennox
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        Until Rosco’s supply issues clear up I’ll suggest Nova Color Acrylics- they have a matte medium and matte varnish, plus a slow-drying medium that works great as a glazing medium. You can buy them in quantities up to 5 gallons, I believe.

         Patricia Mondana
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          I agree with Lili. Nova Color is a great product line of durable paints and varnishes. I have never had their varnishes fail. Modern Masters Dead Flat Exterior Varnish also works for a lot of finishes, although it can be cost-prohibitive.

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