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      Hey painty people, flame coating question for those of you in NYC or that deal with NYC requirements. We’re looking at doing a job in a VERY safety conscious venue, and they’re asking for Affidavits of Flame Resistance for all of our scenic elements. Some of the scenery we’re looking at for this job exists in our inventory, and was not flame treated to their particular standards. I’ve used Flamex PA in the past on painted scenery, however I know it only treats the paint and not the substrate underneath. I also can’t find the FDNY Certificate of Approval for Flamex PA in particular. What do you do for previously painted scenery? Do we need to rebuild these objects and start over?

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        I am pretty sure that if you do a field burn test (and it passes) then you will be good to go with the affidavit. We send a lot of scenery to NYC and everything has to pass. I can ask individuals at work tomorrow that have taken the test and are certified to write the affidavits.

        Disclaimer please check to be sure that this is the case!

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