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    Hi all! I have a question about how to credit myself re: shows that I painted alone. I was hired by a company as a “scenic artist”, but painted 100% of the show myself and therefore took on all of the duties of a charge – planning, mixing & ordering colors, communicating with the designer, all that jazz. On my resume, my work is split into 2 categories, “scenic charge artist” and “scenic artist”. Would it be okay for me to list a job like this in the “scenic charge artist” category? I wasn’t “in charge” of anyone else, but I would like to take credit for having painted the entire set myself. Listing this job in the “scenic artist” category suggests, in my opinion, that I worked on a team or under a charge. Thoughts?


     Angelique Powers
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    I completely agree with your notion of what makes a Charge vs just a Scenic Artist.
    If you are one of many and just showing up to work work that makes you a Scenic Artist.
    If it’s on your shoulders to sample, mix and execute the final design then you are the Charge, regardless of if you are a team of one or 20.

    I bet that if we asked for a raise of hands “How many of you usually work alone”  I don’t think we would be surprised if it was in the majority.


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