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      Its the age old question again, what is your favorite floor sealer? I typically use Minwax Polycrylic but the next floor I am painting will be abused a little more than normal.

      I need a strong clear sealer in satin or semi-gloss for a dark marble floor that will be trucked and used in rep for 2 weeks. Preferably nothing too stinky or toxic but I do have space and time for something to cure for several days.

      Any recommendations? Thanks!

       Rachael Claxton
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        I love the water-based Varathane. I usually can get it through Home Depot and find that it gives a pretty durable finish. Stays clear and is easily thinned out as well!

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          I second that. I love Varathane Floor Finish and Stays Clear.

          If you need something more durable there is always Streetshoe or Bona Traffic. Both are a bit more toxic and I recommend a respirator but they do hold up really well. I used Bona Traffic for the Blue Man tour and that stage sees a lot of abuse and needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every show.



            I work over in the UK. Bona Mega is used a lot here. It doesn’t bloom unless you do something daft like seal before the paint finish is properly dry, is very hard wearing and unlike traffic it doesn’t have a catalyst so its easier to use. There are tougher varnishes out there but this one fits the bill for me most of the time. Guess you can get it in the US?


            I like the Varathane, as well as Street Shoe if I need something super glossy or that will hold up longer/is a little more resilient (and if I have the budget available to go that route).

            However, my regular go-to is a mixture of ProFinisher by Parks cut with some Zep High Traffic Floor Finisher.

            Both are available at Home Depot/Lowe’s/etc.

            The Pro Finisher is comparable in price to polycrylic, but in humid climates, it seems to “fog up” less and stay more clear.

            The Zep is only $17/gal and gets a ridiculous amount of coverage.

            I don’t like it as a standalone, because it is not intended to be used on porous surfaces, but I find that if I mix a bit into the poly, it doesn’t change the way the poly reacts but lets me stretch the coverage much further.

            The Zep has an inherent gloss, so I generally don’t utilize it in matte or satin floors, but for gloss or semi-gloss, it helps me make my budget go further.

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              I have used Bona Traffic quite a bit as well for sealing our floors. You can cover an entire floor very quickly with an 18″ roller and I’ve gotten the best finishes with a microfiber 1/2″ nap. It can also be tinted!

               Batul Rizvi
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                Adding to this..

                Has anyone here used Rosco Premiere Clear? I just used it on a faux wood floor, and fell in love with the viscosity and sheen.

                If anyone has used this, what’s the best method for cleaning the floor after rehearsals/tech? Dust mop, mop with future floor wax, anything I should avoid?


                Bona Traffic is amazing – used this on a marley floor for two different shows that performed two shows a night for 5 nights a week. Amazingly durable

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                  I’ve been considering trying Street Shoe, but the product specs say it takes 7 days to fully cure. Seven days is impossible in my schedule. Has anyone who used Street Shoe allowed traffic on it sooner?  Where you sorry?

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