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    I have been a painter professionally for a few years now, first as a Mardi Gras artist/ painter and sculptor,  and more recently  these past couple years as a scenic and sign painter for film and small theater here in New Orleans. I have been wanting to get more and more experience, contacts, and education so here I am. Though I am concerned that the most recent postings have been from around 3+ months ago according to the forum stats, I still wanted to reach out.

     Jeffrey Cook
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      Hi Lianna

      Welcome to the community. I find that the activity goes up and down just based on how everyone gets busy with work, etc. but there is lots of great information archived here and people do respond if you reach out to them. The big USITT convention is in Seattle this March (my city) and if you are able to attend there would be a range of activities and connections you could make in the scenic arts. But one good thing about this Guild is that it’s available any time without having to travel.

      I loved my tour of the float studio in New Orleans that I took years ago, and encourage others to go visit that shop if they are in the area, it was really amazing and inspiring to see.

      Regards, Jeffrey



      Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post.. Hope to see you around!!



      Hi, I’m Brenda, and I’m a San Diego, CA area scenic painter and charge. I was recently furloughed, but with an indefinite time frame, so I’m looking for work, and also to build my skills and experience through forums/education. My current realm of scenic artists is also fairly small, and I’d love to meet some new people.

      Thanks! Brenda

       Chuck Kerr

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        I am the lead instructor for a Film and TV program partnered with over 35 universities, colleges, and high schools in Georgia. I develop the curriculum for Set Construction, Production Design 1 & 2, and future art classes. I am here to share insights with students who may become future members of our industry. Always seeking to network and create special opportunities for the next generation of filmmakers. Please share any opportunities that you may have or know about that are located in Georgia including themed attraction, film, TV, etc. I am also a proud member of IATSE and IBEW.

        “Happy 4th of July America!”

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