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      We all must have a closet full up on tools and supplies that we don’t use very often but loathe to get rid of. We have a slow start to the season, so I”m looking at our closet and wondering what other odds and ends I should have in my stock. We just came back so it’s a mess in there.

      For example in my closet I keep:

      our stock of metallics-which isn’t much

      our stock of textures we’ve used before, none of which I have a lot of, just enough to do sampling- cork, vermiculite, mulch, paint additive textures, string, jute, mop heads, feather dusters et. al those things that make interesting markings, pool noodles for the saw horses, multi-tools for carving, shovels, rake, starch & cooking, overhead projector, odd things like letters, beads, stamps and leftovers of wallpaper and other papers we’ve used in the past (again only enough to sample with) dropcloths, foam for making stamps, dust suits,magic erasers, mop &glo, flame retardant for soft goods (the daily stuff is in the mix area as it should be), liquid and dry starch, old broom heads, you got the idea awhile ago 😀 Sorry for the long list

      So my question is 2 part: What are the things you feel MUST be in your back closet (not in daily use) items? What is your thinking when you are culling these supplies? (How long it’s been unused? cost of said item? difficulty in attainment?)

      Thanks for your thoughts on this! Kind of cool I’m going to have time to improve this area this season!

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