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     Scott Gerwitz
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      I’m painting a show that rains on stage.

      The TD wanted to use MDF or maso for the floor. It gets a concrete paint treatment.

      I am trying to talk him into something that will hold up better. He then suggested pressure treated plywood, which you can’t paint until it dries out.

      What have you folks used?

      And for sealing- last time I did a rain show was years ago and used oil exterior poly.

      Suggestions for better options? Exterior water based poly’s? I don’t know if I trust just a Thomspon’s Water Seal.


      Hey Scott! We just did Guards at the Taj, and the stage floor needed to fill with red-tinted water each night. We used Extira as the substrate for the floor–it was very similar to MDF, but made to resist moisture and hold up better outdoors:

      We used Behr Deckover ( ) on top, so theoretically the water shouldn’t have really had much contact with the Extira, but I stuck a piece of Extira in a bucket of water in April or May as a test and it’s still doing surprisingly well. It’s swelled just a tiny bit, but the water hasn’t wicked itself up the length of the board and it hasn’t gotten mushy at all. I’m not sure how the price compares to MDF, but could be a good option if the cost works!

      Sorry it these links don’t work–this is my first time posting on here!


      Hi! When a theatre I used to work at did Singing in the Rain, we needed to have it rain and be collected underneath the floor. we used 2×4 boards that were intended for decking outside. they weren’t pressure treated because it was Florida and they never would have dried. we coated them with this decking paint that had a grit texture in it, to help prevent slipping. It was water based and I believe we bought it from Home Depot. I’m not sure if you need the grit or not, but I know it was water based.

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