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      I am in the beginning stages of ruining my painted Marley sample with Holi Powder- this is the colored powder you see in Indian Holi Festivals, hipster 5k color runs etc.

      My paints stuck to the Marley great (primed with Rosco Tough Prime, painted with tinted tough prime and then sealed with Lenmar Aqua Plastic Dull)

      The only failure in my paint job is when it sits wet too long after a sloppy mopping- that’s when it can scratch up if you try.

      But that wasn’t challenging enough and now we are adding dancers each using their own bright colored powder sprinkling it on the floor then dancing on it.

      The problem arises that after a couple of rehearsals the dye from the powder starts to dye my paint job ever so subtly.

      Because the paint design is so subtle (black to very dark grey) I suggested we just don’t paint the Marley, but the designer isn’t ready to make that choice.

      We are testing two types of powder- the stuff you can buy on the internet and a DIY version with ground up Rice Powder.

      So long story short- any ever have a set with Holi Powder? Water Based sealer suggestion?

      Ps- Is it wrong that I’m enjoying the challenge of this? [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]

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