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    What’s something you used to use that’s just not available anymore? Do you miss it, or are you glad it’s gone now?

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    Fabulon Crystal waterborne polyurethane. 😥

    I miss it terribly. One of the toughest sealers I’ve used.


    Powdered pigments in glue size. Nothing flatter under lights.

    Also Gothic casein scenic paint.

    I miss the way they looked but not the dangerous material in the powders or the smell of rotten casein!


    Pro-line tints. The company that made them, Eberhard of NJ, sold out to BASF (the people who make recording tape) a few years ago and now Pro-line is gone forever. Sorry, I don’t like those Mixol tints. The stupid little square bottles don’t fit into my tint rack and the labels aren’t in English.


    Large turkey dusters.

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    Large turkey dusters?

    Please do elaborate.


    Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain

    It’s not completely gone, but it is slowly disappearing. It’s to the point where I can only get it at Walmart (boo hiss) or Meijer…or Amazon for a crazy mark up.

    I use a ton of stain on my sets, this stuff dries super fast, and in Ebony is wonderful for burned effects.

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