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     Scott Gerwitz
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      One of the theatres I am working at is replacing the stage floor deck.

      They are installing brand new masonite. I know not the best, but that is what we get.

      What is everyone’s thoughts on the first coat of paint?

      I have started to think about using a latex porch and floor paint. The paint store folks say do not use primer before the porch and floor paint. They suggest thinning the first coat just a little. And then a full strength 2nd coat.

      How about painting both sides? Do you guys find painting the bottoms help with moisture warping?

      It has been a while since I have dealt with a brand new long term floor.


      Scott Gerwitz


      Hi! A couple of things pop to mind when a new Masonite floor is at hand.

      All surfaces should be coated. You never know where moisture could pop up, or spill or bleed or whatever. So I paint the underside.

      Secondly, I always ask for pre-drilled sheets so I can coat the raw screw holes with spray shellac. I sometimes coat the raw edges of each board too, depending on how long the piece will be used, how much budget and time, etc. The spray shellac seals the Masonite so you don’t get puffy edges. And it leaves no trace for topcoats. Just a very smooth sealed edge. Zinser makes a spray can – yellow with a white too and available at big box stores. Best of luck!


      I like Rosco Tough Prime (black) for those projects.

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        Getting double tempered will make your life infinitely easier. We chased bubbled areas in the floor for a year with single tempered maso

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