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    Hi all,

    On Instagram I saw this Jacquard reusable paint sprayer that could be a good alternative to pre-vals. It’s called the You Can and is just an empty metal can that you put your choice of paint in then pressurized with air using a bike pump or compressor. Has anybody used this for scenic art?

    It seems like it will be more versatile than a pre-val because you can use any spray can tip and it will have less waste. I’m unsure if there is a way to depressurize the can without emptying all the paint. That might be kind of annoying. Does anybody know?

    The guy in the Dick Blick video I posted below isn’t wearing a particle mask when spraying and I think that is a mistake.

    Here’s a YouTube review. The reviewer is a bit long winded so feel free to skip around, but he does have a few good tips and ideas for uses and maintenance.



     Angelique Powers
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    Wow, does that thing have a learning curve!

    I purchased one for a Grafitt mural a while back, and I admit I was probably too rushed to really sit down and play with the “Paint to Water to Bike Pump ratios”.  I too was hoping for either that nice soft Preval like spray – or more thick solid spray can style – but for me, it always came out a bit thick and gloopy or super drippy.

    I was able to make it work as my “outline” for one of my spray patterns as it did create a cool effect,  but it was more like a fuzzy 1″ line – I ended up spraying both sides of my line and using a brush to fill it in. You-Can 1- Spray Lines

    You Can 2 - brush fill

    I liked that it held way more paint than a Preval, even with set up taking a bit longer, I still saved time.  And Since it’s about as “strong” as a Preval, It could work in those situations where you want a spray effect but have poor ventilation and so an HVLP style won’t work (think touch-ups)

    II am definitely going with the “operator error” side of why it wasn’t as cool as I wanted it to be, but believe it could be a cool tool. I’d also love to hear if anyone has used it with success, even better if they were able to change out the tips for different spray patterns.



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