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    Hello. I’m looking to do some information gathering. A group of us at our union local are looking to create a set of guidelines for classifying our Scenic Paint members. We are intrested in defining those that are existing and providing a guideline for new members. I’ve already had some discussions with individuals in other locals with regards to classifications but I am specifically looking to speak with individuals now who have done or have set up practical skill examinations. Things I’m looking to talk about include where and when the testing is done (ie on the job or as a separate scheduled event). What are you testing for? For example only the skills most in demand at your shop or others rarely used? And how on going training is encourage? Is it through workshops, on the job, self learning? I’m eager to hear what people are finding useful when doing these types of exams. Thanks in advance for your input!

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      When we hire scenics, we give a basic skills test…

      -Wood graining



      -Filling staple holes in a flat and then

      -Rolling a semi gloss interior latex

      Those are the four basics and we tend to pick and prod about abilities with spraying paint, prep work, and so on.

      We always set up a time for individuals to come in a do the test. We pay them for that time.

      Our shop encourages and funds ongoing training.


      Thanks Evan!

      I like the pairing down to the some very specific finishes. Do you provide the individuals references they are to match to or do you just get them to make any marbling or wood finish of their choosing?

      As for training. What’s more common? Do individuals seek out the training on their own and then ask for funding support or are specific workshops brought in?

      Thanks again for your input.

        • Experience: 5-10 years
        • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

        We provide pictures of the finishes we would like to see. Those pictures resemble finishes that we are asked to paint more often than not. It’s nice to let someone go their own route but people will choose the things they are comfortable painting.

        Both have pros and cons.

        As far as training is concerned… we encourage individuals to seek out training on their own. It will be more meaningful if it is something they are truly interested in.

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