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      Hey everyone! Since parquet floors can be such a headache, I asked our lovely carpenters to whip up a jig to help us line out our floor… and it worked like a charm! Things to note if you use this method yourself:

      1. Make your jig longer than you need, the edge of the “box” will stop your bamboo short and you’ll go faster if you don’t have to switch directions.

      2. Guidelines on the floor are handy, but not necessary. The jig did an excellent job of keeping us on track.

      3. If you can afford it, try making your jig planks out of plexiglass or something similar to speed the “lining up” process along.

      * my Carpenter also pitched the idea that the jig could be made longer with an adjustable edge so that it can me reused for projects of different proportions.

      Hope this helps!

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          I love this! I wish I had thought of this for my last show!

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