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      Hey All,

      I’m about to start working on a greyscale replication of a medieval painting. While complicated, the image itself isn’t the perplexing part – it’s that I’m painting it on carpet! Usually when I need to paint on carpet I’ll use Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint, which works incredibly well, but it’s a spray paint so it’s not really usable in this situation. There’s a lot of drapery and perspective in the image I’m recreating, so I need to be able to work with a brush to get it looking right. The image is supposed to be old and faded, and the carpet is supposed to look threadbare, so a lot of distressing and wear as well as the image itself. The designer & TD want to use industrial carpet as the base, as lots of heavy scenery will get rolled over top of it throughout the course of the show. My thought is purchase a light colored carpet, then add shadows etc to create the image. I’m concerned that any highlights I try to put on it will just soak into the fibers of the carpet and not show up. At the moment I’m thinking of working with Super Sats and some sort of medium to keep them from totally sinking into the carpet – maybe Flexbond? But I also don’t want the paint to chip off when heavy casters roll over it for 3 months…

      Luckily I have about 2 weeks to figure out the process, and I’m going to begin sampling in a few days. Just thought I’d pick everyone’s brains about it before I get started. Thanks!


        What a fun tricky project, Rachael!

        I haven’t painted an image on carpet before, but in the couple of times I’ve had to change the color of an industrial rug, I’ve had success with exactly what you mentioned- supersat + flex bond. In the applications I’ve used, I applied it by spraying MANY thin layers through a mister to slowly build color without adding thickness that might crumble over time. Finish with a few more sprays of watered flex bond.

        Since it seems you can’t spray it, I suspect you could do slightly thinned glazes of flex bond plus supersat to make layers you could apply with a brush.

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