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     Angelique Powers
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    Doing a show in late December with a small pool of water, and the designer does not want a black pool liner, and wants to know if I can paint one if the TD is unable to find / afford a lighter colored one.

    I have developed an intolerance to Breakthrough- so please do not suggest that- I need something safe to work with.

    I know there is an easy solution- I’m just blanking on it right now.

    Thanks in advance !

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    My TD was just talking about how he did a pool with Flex Seal and said it was great. I know that comes in white and I think grey. Don’t know how well it paints though.

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    I recently used Flex Seal. Applied with a roller and a brush. It was really thick and tough to work with. Also, smelled absolutely terrible. BUT, it worked well.

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