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      Hi everyone! I have been commissioned to paint some faux foliage on a fence. The fence itself is the background, so I won’t be priming the whole fence and painting on top of that. What would be my best bet for a long-lasting application that won’t involve 3 separate layers of painting the same detailed outline (primer, then paint, then sealer)? My first thought would be a green-tinted primer that would double as my base coat, then detail painting in a durable paint (I’ve seen muralists talk about Nova paints in this forum, so I have my eye on those). Do I need to seal it? If so, with what?

      Below is the fence in question. Looks like it’s been stained.

      Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!

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        I’d go with Nova Colors. They have really strong pigments, so only take one coat. They won’t fade in the sun and don’t need sealer. It is a thicker paint (like pudding) so takes a little time getting used to, but you can thin with water. Do read up on the SDS for colors, depending on what you buy they might require gloves. Especially anything with cadmium in the name.

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