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    A useful tip if you are using any of the Rosco metallic paints or any other fine particulate with poor coverage. Base paint first in a related color, like ocher under gold, and you should only need to do a single coat of the metallic over top rather then the endless layers needed if you don’t do the base. This can also help you turn the metallic into a different shade that you might not otherwise be able to find in good amounts.


    I’ve also found that base painting black under any of the Rosco golds makes for a very metallic and true to color outcome – even with only one coat!

    The use of white or gray dulls the gold.


    Glad I found this thread! Super helpful!

    Does any one have an opinions about using an Extender for Rolling in their Metallics?


    I’ve used a soft olive green base for gold before and the results were fantastic. The green complimented the gold and seemed to enhance its brilliance. But then … it depends on what kind of gold you’re going for. In my case, I was using an antique gold for trim work on the set of Sunset Blvd. One of my favorite shows to this day. 🙂

    So many possibilities with metallics!

    On that note … never have I ever witnessed a straight metallic paint match the MAGIC that metallic powders acheive. You can use them in a clear (like polycrylic) or, when I want to jazz up a metallic paint I’m using, I sprinkle a little bit in.

    ALWAYS wear a dust mask and gloves when working with this stuff, and store it in a safety cabinet .. it’s highly flammable. I didn’t know about how hazardous metallic powders were until late in the game. Ooof … if my lungs could express their anger they could sound like a mean old cat.

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      I’ve used extender in metallics when I have to roll them and it’s super helpful. Modern Masters makes an extender for their line of paints, although I usually use Ben Moore extender or flotrol.

      Red under gold is common choice for underpainting, although I usually prefer an ochre or black.

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