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      I’m painting some luan panels that will be screwed onto flats later during load-in. I’m worried that without the lumber framing that the luan is more likely to warp.

      What tips and tricks do you have for preventing the warpage? Prime both sides? Screw the panels to the deck before painting? Any specific things I should avoid doing?

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        I haven’t had any success in painting it without warping. Even 1/2″-3/4″ will want to curl up on the corners.

        Can you just temporarily attach to th floor or other frames for painting?


          Yep–I can attach them to the paint deck. I just wasn’t sure how effective that would be alone.

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            I have heard that priming both sides is effective. haven’t had to do this myself though.

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             Rachael Claxton
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              Priming both sides should work well! I’ve had to do that a couple of times before, especially if the treatment you’re doing on the topside is watery. Try priming the back before you go through the work of tacking them all down to the floor, but if the panels don’t stay as flat as you need them then tacking should also help!

               Ellen Jones
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                If the luan has been stored vertically, it really helps to let it rest flat 24 hours before priming it.

                I have never had to paint both sides if the luan screwed down when painted. Remember if you do screw it to the paint floor, you will have to touch up everywhere the new screws go in when it is installed. I always have the problem of the where the screws came out from the first installation looking raggedy.



                  Thanks, all!

                  Because they didn’t order the luan in time, the previous show is already struck and the new show is loading in… long story short, I’m just going to be painting the flats vertically, already assembled. But I’ll keep these tips for down the line when I run into a similar issue!

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