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    I have been asked to paint a helmet for a friend’s baby. The helmet is probably made of polycarbonate plastic. (I did some research) I wasn’t sure what would work (or stick) to the helmet. I was thinking a need a good primer to start with that will stick to plastic. The brand “Styx” primer is what I was thinking. My question is Can I use my acrylics after it is primed and then seal it? Or do I need special paint? Any thoughts? Thank you Nancy Katzer. Minnesota.


    I would turn the job down. Remember, babies chew on everything and you don’t want to be responsible for any accidents.

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    I’ve done welding helmets before, but not baby helmets.  I usually used masking methods with spray paints meant for plastic, and any brush work detail was kept as thin as possible.  I would finish it off with clear sealer sprays in my desired finish.

    I wanted the smoothest effect so chipping and peeling wouldn’t be an issue. They all seemed to hold up the extreme abuse of carpenters rather well.


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